Community Fundraising Program

Join our fundraising program and we’ll give back to your organization

Copy This! Fundraising program was put together to help secure the future of the communities we serve!

Fundraise This!

  • Copy This! fund raising program gives your organization a rebate check of 10% of the total purchase made in our stores by your members and supporters.
  • Copy This! issues you an unlimited amount of cards to give out to your members and supporters. They present the card when making a purchase in our stores. We will automatically rebate you 10% of the purchases to your organization on a quarterly basis.
  • The rebate is good on all purchases made in our store and orders placed through our website, regardless of the product (except Postal Service postage).
  • Card must be presented or mentioned at the time of order pickup or delivery.
  • Not combinable with other offers by Copy This!

Key Features

  • Receive a rebate of all Gross Sales made by your members and supporters!
  • Rebate amount automatically paid quarterly to your organization!
  • No Maximum $ Amount!
  • Renewable Annually!
  • No fee to your organization – just hand out the cards and talk about the program!
  • Help support a locally owned and operated company that supports you!
  • Use the money for anything your organization chooses!

Work This!

  • Inform members and supports about the program:
  • Suggestions to maximize this program’s success for you!
  • Discuss the program in newsletters, speeches, one on one and other contact you have!
  • Talk about the program often!
  • Remind members and supporters about the program frequently!
  • The more you put into it…the bigger your checks!